My last HSC exam is tomorrow still have quite a bit to study…
Probably going to fail art for the first time just because the world hates me and will give me essay questions that dont relate in any way shape or form to my case study but hey.. YOLO right?

So stressed but so FUCKING KEEN for these stupid fucking exams to be over

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Ahahhha so true..
It’s the Same with foster the people and pumped up kicks ahaha
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please note:

matt corby sings more songs other than brother.


Yes we can have sex now.
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omg. I HAD to reblog this. i <3 mr bean
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Someone do something interesting

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That’s creepy
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Justin’s gettin some boob action in the bottom corner
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Fuck, my heart melts in this bit. I rewind it everytime. MARK PONTIUS YOU WILL BE MY HUSBAND
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